Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Don't Miss! American Songbook at NJPAC—A virtual gala featuring Brian Stokes Mitchell, Bill Porter and more! 


Sat, Oct 3 @ 7PM

Help us keep the music playing! The annual Spotlight Gala is always an important fundraiser for us, but this year we need your participation and enthusiasm more than ever before. With your support, we can sustain NJPAC through this challenging time and make sure we can open our doors to the community once again.

This year’s gala comes right to your home with a special one-hour salute compilation of performances from American Songbook at NJPAC, starring Tony Award® winner Brian Stokes Mitchell and a slate of luminaries including Billy PorterChristine EbersoleJesse MuellerValerie SimpsonJarrod Spector and Joshua Bell

Be part of the Spotlight Gala by tuning in to NJTV's American Songbook at NJPAC or on Saturday, October 3, from 7­–8PM EST. Free!

Gala After-Party hosted by DJ KISS and DJ M.O.S.

Live on Instagram
Sat, Oct 3 @ 8PM

Visit @njpac on Instagram for our gala after-party, with live music and dancing hosted by celebrity DJs, plus surprise guest appearances.