Tuesday, August 25, 2020

National Geographic, Shakespeare, and 60 Minutes on McCarter @Home

Shakespeare Community Reading Group

McCarter continues this popular read aloud series for all ages and experience levels. Join us virtually for a fun and informal reading of the second half of

The Tragedy of King Lear. All are welcome as readers or listeners!

Matthew Whitaker on "60 Minutes"

At the top of McCarter's performer wish-list is pianist/organist/drummer/ composer/arranger Matthew Whitaker. He may be blind, but a neuroscientist has found Whitaker's visual cortex goes into overdrive when he plays. "I am a musician, who happens to be blind…I have been blessed with a God given gift and my prayer is that I can continue to be a blessing and inspiration to others."

National Geographic Live
Backstage with Wildlife Filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade

Calling wildlife enthusiasts of all ages! Go behind-the-scenes with filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade, host of National Geographic Wild's “Untamed. Get ready for a hilarious and eye-opening look at life behind the camera — from learning the subtleties of "shark body language" to revealing the secret messages of cat scat.

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