Saturday, August 22, 2020

 Music While We're Inside Free Jazz Concert XXIV

WHEN: Sunday, August 16th, at 6pm

Aimee Allen
Naomi Blount
Chad Carter
James Gibbs III
Judy Gray
George and Mariel Johnson
Richard E. Miller
Antoinette Montague
Jimmy Owens
Daryl Sherman
Alana Smith
Sean and Ruby Thomas

Hosted by “Jazz Woman to the Rescue” Antoinette Montague and curated by guitarist Richard Miller, both master teachers for Music on the Inside in the prisons. We now bring music education and support to those re-entering society and feature formerly incarcerated musicians along with jazz luminaries in our concerts.

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We stand in solidarity and we heal in harmony. We’re grateful to all the wonderful musicians contributing their talents and hearts to uplift us all.