Wednesday, August 26, 2020

 NEW: Judaism 101 and More with David Benkof

I’m pleased to announce a new eight-week Judaism 101 course set for Wednesdays at Noon EDT, starting October 7. This overview explores Jewish history, life cycle, calendar, Israel, values, Hebrew, theology, Bible, and the Jewish home. All are welcome: Jews with no background; Jews with minimal or moderate Jewish educations; and non-Jews. Limited to 40 participants, $95 early bird rate through Sept. 1 (save $30). Register:

On Thursday we’ll be looking at the photography of three stellar American Jewish female artists of very different styles: Eve Arnold, Diane Arbus, and Annie Leibovitz. What are the distinguishing characteristics of their work? What meanings can you find on your second glance—and fifth, and sixth—that you didn’t notice at first? Sign-up:

As always, my Jewish Culture 101 classes on Mondays and Thursdays are free to all with no expectation of payment. However, if you’re enjoying the classes and can pay the $6 tuition, please consider doing so.

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