Saturday, August 8, 2020


Dear Subscribers and Followers of NJ Arts Maven blog:

You may be wondering where I've been for the past week. Well, last weekend, the desktop computer I use to post on the blog was taken out for repair and updating.

And then, on Tuesday, August 4, the power went out, leaving me literally in the dark. With no computer, no electricity and no Internet, I was unable to keep up with the many notices and press releases I receive each day.

Well, the power came back at 11 PM on Friday, and my computer returned on Friday afternoon, so I am attempting to pick up where I left off and post some notices. Google will no longer accept posts composed on Open Live Writer (which made doing so so easy), so I'm back to Blogger again, hoping I can produce the high-quality posts you and I are used to seeing.

Thank you for sticking by me while I was offline. I plan to reward you with notices of programs you can access virtually—until we can return to the theater and concert hall.

For now, stay safe and healthy! And don't forget to wear a mask and maintain social distance!


Ruth Ross
NJ Arts Maven