Saturday, July 18, 2020

State Theatre NJ’s Online Culture Fix: Flashback to the '70s

Online Culture Fix

We're back with the newest edition of State Theatre's Online Culture Fix. And this time, we are taking a walk down memory lane! So, grab your pet rocks, mood rings, and tube socks and get ready to go to the roller disco (or CBGB if you prefer) with this flashback to the 1970s. And as always, we will continue to add videos, activities, and more to our Culture Fix page so be sure to check it out regularly.

Let's Start with a 1970s Quiz!

1970s Trivia

How much do you really know about the 1970s? Test your '70s knowledge now with this Dyn-o-mite quiz! PLAY NOW »

1970s Music Timeline

1970s Music Ti meline

A lot of great music came out of the '70s. We put together a timeline of some  highlights from the decade, plus we included some fun video links (more cowbell!) and articles for a deeper dive. From the release of The Beatles' final album to a "Bat Out of Hell," from a "Shining Star" to "A Horse with No Name," we learned "What's Going On" and that we were "Born to Run."  HERE IS YOUR '70S MUSIC TIMELINE »

Favorite Foods in the '70s

Food of the 70s

Did you love or suffer through 7-Layer Gelatin Salad, Bacon-Wrapped Spam Bites, and Pineapple Upside-Down Cake? Well, here is a list of '70s recipes that you may want to try again (or forget about!). READ MORE »

Swedish Group Wins Our Hearts

Swedish Group Wins Our Hearts

ABBA is one of the most commercially successful musical acts in the history of popular music. With hit after hit—"Waterloo," "Mamma Mia," "Dancing Queen"—they have captured the hearts of millions. As we look to celebrate the ABBA experience at the State Theatre in April 2021 with ABBA The Concert, we look back at ABBA's wild ride to stardom. READ MORE »

Schoolhouse Rock

Schoolhouse Rock

The Saturday morning musical show for kids taught history, grammar, and math in a fun new way. Here's the classic, "Conjunction Junction." WATCH NOW »

'70s Music Lovers Playlist on Spotify

70 Music Lovers Playlist

This '70s flashback wouldn't be complete without a playlist! From "Stairway to Heaven" to "Jolene," and "Best of My Love" to "The Chain," this eclectic playlist of 70s favorites is too "Cruel to Be Kind." LISTEN NOW »

Commercials in the '70s

Commercials of the 70s

Commercials in the '70s introduced us to one-Calorie TAB, the perks of Ultra Brite (with Ms. Farrah Fawcett), and the real American hero, GI Joe. WATCH NOW »

'70s Games


Remember PONG, or how about Breakout? Well, now you can play them both online. PLAY PONG » PLAY BREAKOUT »