Sunday, July 26, 2020

JOCUNDA Casting FIAMA'S FINALE, Next Play Reading

AUDITIONS: Play Reading Series on Sunday, August 9th, at 8PM EDT

written and directed by Carrie Gibson

Actors interested in auditioning must have access to a laptop, computer, iPad or iPhone, because we will be using Virtual Backgrounds. If your are interested in auditioning please email your Picture and Resume to Please state which role you would like to be considered for and she will send you the audition scenes. You will then have to submit a videotaped audition or you can try to set up an audition on Zoom. All submissions must be received by July 28, 2020. Rehearsals TBD.


Barbara Butane, an ex-Beauty Queen on her way to her Beauty “EST”- like seminar for the masses causes a 120-car pile-up, changing the lives of several unusual strangers, including two prison workers transporting a prisoner to death row, a wise cracking female Vietnamese doctor who saves the life of a very rich and bored man, and a Hollywood agent who is always on the go and deeply dependent on her clients, including Barbara’s prodigal daughter Fiama. Barbara’s carefully crafted facade crumbles when Fiama returns to confront her mother on the nationally broadcast seminar about her shallow and torturous approach to parenting and life.

Character Breakdown:

Barbara Butane—Late forties-mid fifties, ex-Beauty Queen who leads Beauty seminars to the masses for lots of money. She reveals cracks in her shiny suit of armor. Her personal sharings are imbued with authentic emotion turned slightly up for effect.

Su—40-50 year old Vietnamese woman who came over during the war as a refugee. She left her life of success as a doctor to start all over in US. She began with a small restaurant, which is now in hot competition with Wolfgang Puck’s most expensive chain. Loves telling jokes.

Gene— Fifty-60 year old, very rich man who never had to have a job due to family money. The major stress in his life comes from managing the people he has hired to manage his “projects.”

Theo— Late thirties. He has a family of three young children and a wife to support. He took the van driver job for prisoners out of desperation and family expectation. He never dreamed his job would involve transporting prisoners to death row.

Beorge— Mid twenties. Beorge loves his job as a prisoner security guard especially because he can carry a big gun. He is a by-the-book man and believes his involvement with death row prisoners is his contribution to this great nation.

Fiama— Middle to late twenties. She is the alter-ego of the Beauty queen’s personality, unassertive, timid, quiet, naturally beautiful without knowing it. She is a super model represented by Ilene.

Ilene— Middle forties. An agent who has never slowed down long enough to respond to anyone. She thrives on controlling all the desperate actors/models who come to her. Her cell phone is her security and her remote control of the world. She hides her compassionate .

William—Middle twenties. Gene’s chauffeur

W.B—Middle to late sixties. White hair, thin, on his way to death row because he caused a doctor to die who he took as a hostage from an abortion clinic. He was an extreme Christian who has gone through a transformation away from his fundamental beliefs while on death row.

(For the Full CASTING BREAKDOWN and more info on how to audition Click Link.)