Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Auditions for THE FORGER by Simon Bowler for Virtual Play Reading Series



a true story by Simon Bowler

This play will be a part of our Virtual Play Reading Series on Zoom on Sunday, July 5th, at 8PM EDT.

If you are interested in auditioning, please send your picture and resume to and let us know which role you are interested in. If you have a link to your acting reel please send that as well. You must have access to a computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad in order to participate in the Play Reading, because we will be using Virtual Backgrounds.

Rehearsals for the Play Reading will be on Tuesday, June 30th, Thursday, July 2nd and Friday, July 3rd at 3pm-6pm.


Time: 1945 (Flashbacks in 1930s and 1940s).

Synopsis: Han Van Meegeren is under house arrest for treason for selling a Dutch national treasure painting by Vermeer to the Nazi leader, Hermann Goering. Han claims the painting is a forgery and to prove it he will paint another. The authorities give him six weeks to paint "Christ and the Scribes". Han recounts his transformation from idealistic student, to struggling artist, to wealthy forger, to traitor, to national hero. Ironically, his deepest desire is for the world to recognize his genius, but he must keep it one of the biggest secrets in art history. His story exposes the contradictions of how we perceive and value art, in a tale so absurd and with a character so flawed, it can only be true.

Character Breakdown

Han Van Meegeren – a Forger (50s), has made millions of dollars painting several paintings by famous artists and selling them as originals. Smartly dressed in a tailored suit.

Jo Van Meegeren - Han's Wife (30s)

Theo Van Wijngaarden - Art Dealer (30s)

Abraham Bredius – An art Expert (60s)

Inspector Helena Wooning - Allied Investigator (30s)

Lt. Hess – a Nazi officer (40s)

Hermann Goering - (40s) a Nazi leader.

Lotte - a prostitute (20s) Han’s muse.

Judge - (50s)

Anna Van Meegeren (20s) Han’s first wife, she’s pregnant.

The Man - (40s)