Friday, May 22, 2020

Visit St. Paul's Cathedral this Memorial Day

Memorial Day Special at St. Paul's Cathedral

In honor of Memorial Day, we're joining Context expert and historian Don Brown at London's St Paul's Cathedral. Why? He's taking us on a virtual learning experience through the American Chapel, a space dedicated to the 28,000 US servicemen based in Britain who died in World War Two. We'll learn about the ornate chapel itself (opened by the Queen and Vice-President Nixon in 1958) and what life was like in wartime England for US servicemen. We'll also take some time to explore St. Paul's Cathedral itself, learning about the rich history of Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece and how it only narrowly escaped total destruction during the Blitz bombings of World War Two.

You can read more about this conversation and sign up here

Tickets likely to sell out.

IMAGE: US Marines and choristers at the American Chapel's annual Thanksgiving Service. Credit: St Pauls USA

Context Conversations Weekend Schedule

We've added some additional conversations for those enjoying a long weekend in the USA. (Even if the weather is nice out, surely the dulcet tones of a Context expert is a fitting way to soak up some outdoor garden or BBQ time?)

Here is our schedule from today (Friday) through Monday below. Clicking on any of the underlined titles will take you to the event description and ticket page.

Friday 22nd: 
11am - Mozart: a Biography, with Michaela [starting soon]
1pm - Michelangelo's David, "the Giant", with Kate
3pm - The Last Supper, with Laura
7pm - Hamilton's NYC, with Ben

Saturday 23rd: 
11am - Caravaggio's Early Years, with Sara
1pm - Impressionist Paintings: Musée d'Orsay, with Marie
1pm - The Borghese Gallery, with Cecilia
3pm - Venice's Doge's Palace with Sara
5pm - Volume 2: WW2 Paris, with Nigel
7pm - The Making of Mexico, with Ignacio

Sunday 24th:
11am - The History of Irish Women, with Jenny
1pm - Volume 2: Three Stately British Homes, with Viv
3pm - Treasures of the Louvre, with Marie
3pm - The Day the Renaissance Died, with Hilary
5pm - Churchill & the War Rooms, with Don
7pm - Tokyo's National Museum, with Rafael

Monday 25th (Memorial Day):
11am - Faces of the Tudors, with Hattie
11am - Memorial Day Special, the American Chapel, with Don
1pm - Volume 1: WW2 Berlin: War & Memory with John
3pm - WW2 Lisbon, with Ian
5pm - Volume 1: WW2 Paris, with Nigel
7pm - The Real Housewives of the Vesuvian Coast, with Danielle

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A Timetable of Dreams (a nod to Freud)

From Picasso to Rembrandt, from the Ancient Egyptians to Japanese Religion, we're covering all sorts of topics and locations (no change there) next week.
Here's our entire schedule for next week (below) in a timetable picture format. It's a busy lineup so you may have to zoom on your own computer, phone or tablet to view up close.

Clicking on the image will take you to our website where you'll be able to find all of our conversations, including descriptions about each one.

Thanks to Context Travel for this information.