Saturday, May 2, 2020

Summer's Coming Early! See Jennifer Weiner’s Virtual Book Tour Dates


Summer is coming early and I will be doing the BIG SUMMER book tour from my closet! Since this is ALL happening online—the whole world's happening online, it seems—I'd like to invite you to follow my social media channels for updates about virtual book tour events, plus some personal tidbits from my life including challah, my garden, and the latest in my quarantine fashion looks.

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Virtual Book Tour Dates

Get All the Virtual Tour Event Info!

Last Week to Pre-Order

It's the last week to pre-order and get the book on your doorstep on (or around) Tuesday! Once you put on your mask, disinfect the box and the book, wash your hands, and sanitize, you can get down to reading right away.

Order a copy with a signed book plate from Midtown Scholar.