Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Submission Deadline Extended to June 30th for the JOCUNDA MUSIC, FILM & THEATRE FESTIVAL

Jocunda Muisc, Film and Theatre Festival "Music for America"

WHEN: deadline extended to June 30th. 
WHERE: Submissions are being accepted online at

Grants for Artists/Performers

Here's a grant for artists/performers up to $5,000 experiencing job/gig loss, etc. APPLY ASAP!!!

The Riant Theatre and Strawberry One-Act Festival hopes that everyone is in good health and safe during these uncertain times. Our commitment to providing a nurturing environment to develop new plays and outstanding artists is stronger than ever before. We will always celebrate the artists and offer opportunities for them to create and challenge themselves.

To that end we are planning our next festival for August through October at ARTEL Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. If we have to make any adjustments to the starting date due to the current ban, we will make those adjustments once the ban is lifted for Performing Arts Centers.

Artists have always been the ones to create art during troubling times and have been able to give us all a ray of hope and find the common thread that bonds all of humanity. I hope that you can use this time to write your plays and tell the stories that we so desperately need to hear.

In the meantime, playwrights can submit plays to the Strawberry One-Act Festival (Short plays and musicals 15-30 minutes and Long Plays and Musicals 40-90 minutes). Your script should include your bio, Breakdown of Characters, Your Contact information, email, telephone number and mailing address, and a brief synopsis of your play.

Things are getting better. We hope you are well. Stay strong. Be safe. We have hope for a better future. We must not lose faith. We will beat this and together we will rise.

We have a wonderful opportunity to give more opportunities to artists, filmmakers, singers, comics, writers, dancers, playwrights, actors, performers, designers and creators of new content. And we will be doing it at ARTEL, The Destination for Creative Minds. Check out more information about ARTEL and our Festival by clicking here.