Wednesday, May 6, 2020

NJSO commission to thank frontline workers

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

Gratias Tibi graphic

Gratias Tibi: Expressing Thanks through Music

“There are some situations that require true heroism. First responders, doctors, nurses and everyone on the front lines—they have the skills and calling and devotion to put themselves in harm’s way. They’re not with their families so that we can be with ours. They are fighting for us, and this hits really close to the heart.” – José Luis Domínguez, composer

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and Montclair State University Singers will give the world premiere of Gratias Tibi, an NJSO commission for physically distanced orchestra and choir from José Luis Domínguez.

Written in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic, Gratias Tibi expresses gratitude to all frontline workers who have responded to this unprecedented emergency with bravery and compassion.

Domínguez says: “We say ‘thank you’ every day, but sometimes those same words become more meaningful because there is a sincere intention behind them that makes an entire world of difference. I thought the most honest thing to do with this piece was to write something as simple as ‘thank you’ in Latin to make it universal. The piece is written with a full heart and humble attempt to express that very special, profound gratitude.”

NJSO musicians and MSU singers will record their parts individually from home, and each part will be stitched together to create the finished work for a virtual world premiere on June 8.

The commission is an extension of NJSO at Home, the Orchestra’s efforts to share original video content from musicians and NJSO concert recordings on social media and the Orchestra’s website.  Learn More