Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Home is where the art is…Lesson from Pushcart Players!

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(A MORE PERFECT UNION cast L to R: Corey Whelihan, Dana Harris, Stacie Gogo, Danny Sims)

HOME is where the ART is...

Distance, Nothing!

It only takes a Little to stay connected:

  • Watch a little video segment of "A MORE PERFECT UNION."
  • Use the Study Guide and accompanying Lesson Plan to have a little talk, learn a little something, make a little fun.
  • Share a little of your experience: 

The United States Constitution was created by people and events (none too little) that guided the instinct for "A More Perfect Union." Pushcart Players' production offers insight to history, social studies, civics, and theater as a combination of every art form.

Click HERE for "A MORE PERFECT UNION" video and Lesson Plan III.

Lesson I - "The Road to Revolution" - April 28

Lesson II - "The Promise of Peace" - May 5

Lesson III - "The Independent States of America" - May 12

Lesson IV - "In Order to Form A More Perfect Union" - May 19

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation ("Informed Citizens Are Better Citizens"), made an investment to make this little initiative possible. Thank you!

Be a little creative, stay a lot well!

Paul Whelihan
Producing Artistic Director