Friday, May 1, 2020

Experience Early Spring at Greenwood!

Take a Virtual Tour of the Gardens with Joy Yagid, Photographer

Visit the garden from the comfort of your home by clicking on the image below:

"I am a documentary style photographer. I love trying to capture a common object in a different way. It's that simple. I like light and light likes me. Light and I are on a perpetual spree. My love is to shoot nature in a non-obvious way. I love finding the abstract in the everyday. I love color and patterns and the play of light. And yet, I can take my unique way of looking at things and find those special details.

I walk through light ‘seeing’ as a photographer does. I notice lines, shapes, colors, textures and tones - just to mention a few of the artistic elements that catch my eye. And I capture them. For my own pleasure, but for another reason too: to save them. There is no permanence in flora and fauna. All we have is this moment. Maybe I’m becoming Buddhist as I grow older, maybe it’s something else. But whatever it is, it drives me to save these things, scenes, moments…so that I can share them with you and with those that follow after you. I want to conserve them for future generations." Joy Yagid