Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Exciting My Kosher Kids Contest Update!

The MyKosher Kids Contest Update

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries so far! We've gotten so many amazing videos and we realized there is no way we could choose a winner!
Therefore, we decided that the audience will decide. That's right, we are opening up the voting to all of you. We want YOU to vote on your favorite videos!

Get your friends and family involved and make sure they vote for your video!

When will voting begin?
Voting will begin Friday, May 8th, and end Thursday, May 14th at noon.

How will voting work?
Each person can vote once per video, for up to 3 videos.

How will my friends and family find my video?
You can send them a direct link to your video, share your video with as many people as you can! There will also be a search bar where they can search for your name.

Remember there's still time to submit your video!
Hurry, just a few days left until the contest ends!

My Kosher Kids Contest

Q & A

How do I enter?
Submit a 2-minute video of you being creative in the kitchen at It can be any recipe you want! Remember, MAXIMUM of 2 minutes, we don't want you to be disqualified if your video is too long!

How many times can I enter?
As many as you'd like

When are the dates of the contest?
Contest begins Monday, April 27th, and ends Thursday, May 7th.

Can other people participate in the video with me?
Yes, you can do a video with your siblings but no parents allowed in the videos!

Who can enter?
Anyone up to age 15. Parents can help prepare behind the scenes but cannot appear in the video.

What are the prizes?
The Grand Prize will be a choice of a Moving Vehicle such as a Motorized kid car, electric Vespa, bicycle, hoverboard scooter, or Go-Kart.
We will also be awarding prizes such as a Lego set, electric scooter, and a game table to...

  • Chief-in-Training for the most difficult dish made
  • Kitchen Genius for the most creative video
  • Fabulous Foodies ‍♂️ for the most unique