Thursday, April 23, 2020


Bach, Bagels, and Bob

Let's stay connected and talk about the orchestra, about music new and old, and about our favorite composers.

Saturday, May 2 - 10:00 AM

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee or your favorite morning beverage, something to munch on, and join us with a ZOOM meeting with our Maestro. Bob will present some thoughts on the orchestra's plans as we move forward, discuss music from the Baroque to the Modern eras, and answer questions and share your thoughts. 

This event is free. Joining a Zoom meeting is also free. You do not need to purchase or download additional software or apps. 

Email us at—we will send you the complete Zoom information (URL, ID, Password) and instructions for how you can join us with video and audio opportunities.

Because of the nature of the event, we have to limit this special event to 25 attendees. 

It's possible you might have to try a few times to connect to our meeting.  We will do all we can to make it as easy and quick as possible. Zoom is also working hard to correct any issues.  

You may connect through your computer, phone, tablet or other internet device.  Audio and video may vary depending on your device and settings.

In these challenging and difficult times, we are all exploring new ideas and ways to remain connected and to share our lives.

We look forward to staying connected.