Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Did you love Tiger King? Check out these free Resources!

Check out these Tiger Titles from Hoopla!

Give Me Shelter (1 hr. 30 mins.)

A documentary directed by Kristen Rizzo uncovering the most prevalent issues in the animal world through the eyes of individuals dedicating their lives to them daily.

Great Soul of Siberia by Sooyong Park

Renowned tiger researcher Sooyong Park tracks three generations of Siberian tigers living in remote southeastern Russia. Park sets up underground bunkers to observe the tigers, living thrillingly close to these beautiful but dangerous apex predators.

Baby Tigers by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

What are baby tigers called? How does the mother tiger carry her baby? How long do baby tigers stay with their mothers? Kids will learn the answers to all these questions and more.

Cats: Caressing the Tiger (54 mins.)

By night, they're ruthless hunters that stalk their prey with a keen sense of sight and smell. By day, they're playful, loving companions for millions. This documentary from National Geographic explores the lives of our feline friends.

The Tribe of the Tiger by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

From the majestic Bengal tiger to the domesticated Siamese comes a meditation on cats from the bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Dogs and The Social Lives of Dogs.


Tigers by Alex Kuskowski

This title includes colorful double-page photos with easy-to-read sentences about features, food, cubs and more to make learning about tigers a fun experience.



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