Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Music Café 2020

WHEN: Feb. 28. Doors open at 7 pm. Snacks will be served.
CT+T at 198 Liberty Street, Bloomfield College. Entrance is through the College Library
ADMISSION: free, but donations are appreciated
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The Company @ Bloomfield College presents its first annual Music Café featuring the Z3mog Trio and Bloomfield’s own CAT prof. Abraham Gomez-Delgado, with fellow musicians Maria Christina Eisen on sax and Pablo Bencid on drums.

About his music, Gomez-Delgado writes, “The music draws from popular Afro-Puerto Rican, Cuban and South American Rhythms but is also inspired from German Cosmic music, Japanese Buto Dance, Punk Rock, Classical Minimalism and American Free Jazz. Sung in both Spanish and English, the songs deal with issues such as immigration, racism, the power of dancing together, living in-between and the balance of imbalance in life.”

The New York Times praises Gomez-Delgado’s musical style for “Twisting genres at will and singing with skewed humor.” It also notes that the music is “largely unplugged, taking the horn section and guitar vamps of Puerto Rican salsa and bending them by way of Mingus and Sun Ra.”

Gomez-Delgado will be joined on stage by Bloomfield alums: the soulful Sqootie Jackson, and John Avila. Ambience between sets will be supplied by Tommy Jesus. The show will also feature a special performance by Bloomfield’s own, Nasic.

Music Café is a benefit for The Company @ Bloomfield College. The Company is the first resident performing arts company in the history of Bloomfield College. Founded by Bloomfield students and Dr. Freddie Harris in the spring of 2015, The Company is dedicated to producing new works by emerging and/or underrepresented playwrights, and other performance artists.

In collaboration with guest artists who are professionals in the world of theater, The Company strives to create a performance outlet for Bloomfield College students, where they can evolve artistically to address and celebrate The College’s diverse setting and to work collaboratively with each other to expand and enrich their aesthetic and cultural horizons. We endeavor to evoke meaningful conversations in ways that engage with issues of social justice that affect and shape the Bloomfield College community.