Thursday, January 2, 2020

“The Foreigner" Opens at The Barn Theatre in Montville

The Foreigner
written by Larry Shue
directed by Joe Guardara of Boonton

WHEN: January 10, January 18, January 24, January 25, January 31st and February 1st at 8:00 PM, with 2:00 PM performances on January 11, January 12, January 19, and January 26
The Barn Theatre is located on Skyline Drive in Montville, NJ, just minutes off Exit 47 from Route 287.
For reservations or directions, call The Barn Theatre Box Office at (973) 334-9320, or visit The Barn Theatre on the web at

The Foreigner takes us to a fishing lodge in rural Georgia. British demolitions expert Froggy LeSuer is here on one of his frequent visits--but this time, he has brought along a friend, the pathologically shy Charlie. Since Charlie is terrified of making conversation with strangers, Froggy introduces Charlie as a foreigner that is unable to speak English, before leaving him alone.

Once alone, Charlie overhears many damaging revelations from the lodge’s other guests, all made under the assumption that Charlie doesn’t understand a single word being said. His understanding fuels the nonstop hilarity of the two-act play.

The cast of The Foreigner features Danny Egan of Bloomfield as Owen, Danielle Meola Valencia of Nutley as Catherine, Erika Wynzel of Lake Hiawatha as Betty, Todd Mills of Boonton as Reverend Lee, Austin Munroe of West Nyack as Ellard, Jonathan Rudolph of Parsippany as Froggy, and Charles Grayson of Morristown as Charlie.

IMAGE (From Left to Right): Erika Wynzel (of Lake Hiawatha), Austin Munroe (of West Nyack NY), Danielle Meola Valencia (of Nutley) and Charles Grayson (of Morristown)