Monday, November 18, 2019

Art and culture alert! Not-to-be-missed panel on Independent Filmmaking and screening of "Being Gladys" with panel discussion with fellow artists

Following the screening, artists who knew Gladys Grauer intimately will share the profound impact she had on their work.  Invited panelists include Ben Jones, Nettie Forne' Thomas, Danielle Scott, and others.

The New Jersey FilmMakers Lab is a  developing group that meets monthly with a twofold goal: to provide a safe space where film makers receive feed back and support as they develop their work; and to assist film makers in their quest to develop as entrepreneurs, thus turning their passion for filmmaking into a viable business. Eventually, the lab hopes to cultivate a script to screen program, supporting a collaborative relationship with industry professionals who can work with filmmakers in bringing their work to audiences.

Please join us for this free lab...the calendar follows!

Review:  Exercise from Ralph

Shooting anything can offer some issues with time management.  But, I wanted to share thoughts about editing with those of you who are experienced and those of you who are less experienced in editing.  To that end I have taken several shots from an art workshop for the mentally ill done on spec (without a defined client) in 2016.  There should be enough to do a short sequence and to experience whatever edit program you chose to use. Let’s share whatever we have on Thursday.  If you can do it on your phone, you won’t have to make an appointment with your computer.  

Here is a link to the edit software and a music resource:

Here is a link to the files:

WHERE: We will meet at Express Newark, Room 312, 54 Halsey St., Newark, NJ