Monday, October 28, 2019

Coming to MST: Surati's “Ramaavan - A Musical”

MST: Mile Square Theatre

Surati for Performing Arts Presents

Ramaavan a Musical

*Note: This production is not produced by MST and tickets are not available at our site. For tickets and more information, visit

Surati's popular and consistently sold-out show Ramaavan-A Musical is being presented at MST this year with a bang. With a bigger cast and venue, the show, a part of Surati's Lights of Diwali festival, is expected to be sold out.

The musical is in English, performed by an international cast, with elements of Indian classical dance and music, Shakespearean style verse, musical theater, poetry, opera, jazz and contemporary genres.

The show brings together performers from different ethnic backgrounds and communities to tell this story from India, in order to highlight Surati's mission of artistic expression crossing boundaries of war, color, race and gender, promoting acceptance, respect, peace, harmony and brotherhood.

WHEN: Wednesday the 30th of October (preview at 7:30 pm) & Friday, November 1st (opening at 8 pm), Saturday, November 2nd (3 and 8 pm), and Sunday, November 3rd (12 and 4 pm) 
Mile Square Theatre, 1400 Clinton St., Hoboken
TICKETS: range between $25-$100 with children, student and senior discounts, available online.
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