Friday, May 3, 2019


Directed by Tom Frascatore

WHEN: May 3 through May 18, 2019; Fridays & Saturdays 8 PM; Sunday, May 12, 3 PM
Chatham Playhouse, 23 N. Passaic Ave., Chatham
TICKETS: $23 – $25
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John Worthing, a carefree young gentleman, invents a fictitious brother, “Ernest,” whose wicked ways afford John an excuse to leave his country home from time to time and journey to London, where he stays with his close friend and confidant, Algernon Moncrieff. Victorian gentlemen, the two share a secret identity…they are both "Ernest" when they want an adventure…but what happens when the girls of their dreams fall in love with their alter egos?  Join us to find out! 

Director Frascatore adds that “ "Earnest" is Oscar Wilde's masterwork.  Still as relevant today as it was when written 124 years ago, it's a fast paced romp through Victorian hypocrisy. A fusion of a farce and a comedy of manners that challenges male/female roles and uses words like finely honed weapons to skewer society.  What happens when two best friends discover that the girls of their dreams have fallen in love with their alter-egos? Witty dialogue, surprises and even a muffin fight await you!”

The talented group of actors that make up the “Earnest” cast are Peter Newes of Chatham as Algernon Moncrieff, Charles Grayson of Morristown as Lane/Merriman, Lisa Barnett of South Orange as Miss Prism, Susie Speidel of Springfield as Lady Bracknell, Emily Miller of Bloomingdale as Cecily Cardew, Crystal Ann Bennett of Bloomfield as Gwendolen Fairfax, Andrew James Gordon of West Windsor as Ernest/Jack Worthing and David Romankow of Gillette as Rev Canon Chasuble.

Rounding out Frascatore’s talented production team, the Producer is Joëlle Bochner, Stage Manager is Marijah Sroczynski, Assistant Stage Manager is Caroline Courtney, Production Coordinator is Steffi Denmark, Scenic Designer is KC Cameron, Scenic Painting is Carol Saso, Costume Designer is Kai Movsovic, Lighting Designer is Chris Szczerbienski, Props & Decoration by Tish Lum & Kate Pierce and original music is composed and performed by the Sound Designer, Joe DeVico.

When Producer Joëlle Bochner was asked why she felt The Importance of Earnest was still very popular with audiences, she explained, “having seen and read this show many times over the years, I always find myself surprised that it does not feel dated, though it is set in 1895. There will always be those who speak what they want people to believe is the truth, and those of us who see right through them to the reality of what they are doing or saying. As audience members to this production, we all see through the "realities" that are presented to us, and can take delight in how each character manipulates the truth to his/her own purposes. We know that the blatant secrets kept will eventually come to light. And who among us does not wish for love at first sight, for wrongs righted and for everlasting devotion?”