Tuesday, November 27, 2018

THE BOX: Ariel Guidry Emcees Final “Connection” at Merseles Studios in Jersey City This Friday


The Box: Connection Edition
WHEN: Friday, November 30, Doors: 7:30/Show: 8:00
Jersey City Theater Center, Merseles Studios, 339 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302
TICKETS: $5 (suggested donation)
For more information, visit: www.JCTCenter.org 
(201) 795-5386

Jersey City Theater Center Connection Series closes Friday, November 30, with The BOX: Connection Edition, an evening of music, spoken-word, poetry and multimedia performances.

The BOX – named for the ‘black box’ theater at Merseles Studios – concludes JCTC’s latest thematic series: Connection. JCTC selects topics global in scope, yet relevant to the community then explores that theme using visual arts, theatre, dance, play readings and other performances.

The BOX: Connection Edition features an eclectic array of performers exploring the question of Connection: With technology that connects people all over the world, why do we often feel disconnected to our communities, families and each other?

JCTC solicits submissions for The BOX through social media, theatre publications and entertainment & theater blogs. A panel, headed by Dan Pieraccini, Manager, JCTC – who is also the curator for The BOX: Truth Edition – reviews and selects submissions.

“We received many impressive submissions for the Box: Connection Edition,” said Olga Levina, Artistic Director, JCTC. “Not only did we get a high volume of responses, but the musicians, writers and performers really had something fresh and original to say about the topic of Connection.The BOX is one of the events JCTC is best known for because not only does it conclude each series, but it also directly involves the community.”

The BOX: Connection Edition will also be the final chance to see Collaboration, a site-specific, multimedia collaboration between Kati Vilim, a Jersey City-based, abstract artist and Thomas Lendvai, a Brooklyn-based sculptor. By incorporating digital animation by Vilim and a web-like cord sculpture by Lendvai into the actual space at Merseles Studios, the Collaboration installation turns the art gallery into both a gallery for art and the art itself.

Taking over emcee duties at The BOX: Connection Edition will be Ariel Guidry (top), a jazz, blues and soul singer who has performed at White Eagle Hall, Maxwell’s, FM, the Hutton, and Trumpets Jazz Club in Montclair. Guidry has appeared at previous editions of The BOX, but The BOX: Connection Edition will be her first time as solo emcee of the entire show. In addition to hosting responsibilities, this Jersey City-based vocal stylist will also sing, including a reimagined version of the traditional spiritual, Motherless Child, with added original versus by Guidry, inspired by Trojan Women, a JCTC production that highlighted the Connection series.

Guidry wanted to host this curated showcase of original performances because of the social timeliness of the connection theme. “We're living in a day and age where we tell ourselves that technology makes our lives better, and yet we struggle with feeling more and more socially isolated,” said Guidry. “It's an exciting honor to help illuminate the cohesive thread that compelled such a diverse array of creatives to explore the theme of Connection.”

The BOX: Connection Edition lineup includes Max and Los Americanos, Gary Van Miert, The Apple and the Tree, By Design, Freddie Moises, Carol Lester, Lorena Ortiz, Richard Jedrzejek, Frank Ippolito, Illegal Chicas, Cassandra Adams, Mandi Abdalla, Hernandez Jimenez, Terry Haman, Chris Whitlow, Anthony Wills Jr and Christo Pratt, and Westies. Preshow and intermission musical interludes will be provided by After School Orchestra and Exploding Plastic Silver.