Monday, November 12, 2018

Folk Icon Comes to Life at RVCCArts Tuesday, Nov. 13 in 2 Shows

Randy Noojin
WHEN: Tue., Nov. 13 at 1PM & 7PM
RVCC Theatre, 118 Lamington Rd., Branchburg

America’s beloved folksinger/activist Pete Seeger is brilliantly brought to life in this mesmerizing solo show by writer/actor Randy Noojin. Performing at a 1982 benefit concert in Washington, D.C. advocating U.S.-Cuban normalization, Seeger uses his greatest songs to tell of his personal struggles for free speech in America—and how a sailboat helped clean up the Hudson River. Through music, visuals and his own marvelous storytelling ability, Noojin takes us through Seeger's prolific life and personal struggles, perfectly capturing the spirit, personality and passions that made him such a beloved American icon.

...should not be missed by anyone who loves Seeger or good music or our right and duty as Americans to stand up for justice.