Thursday, August 9, 2018

Carrie Jackson August Performances

Carrie Jackson & Jazzin' All Stars

WHEN: Saturday, August 11,  8pm-10:30pm; Doors open at 7:30 pm
Salem Road House Café @ Townley Presbyterian Church, 829 Salem Road, Union, NJ
ADMISSION: $20, Includes light refreshments, snacks, beverages, tea, coffee & desserts

Dave Braham, piano; Thaddeus Expose, bass; Gordon Lane, drums

Carrie Jackson Quartet

WHEN: Tuesday, August 14, and 28, 8pm-11pm Jazz Stimulus No Music Cover; Food or Beverage Purchase Required
16 Prospect Street, Westfield, NJ

Carrie Jackson All Star Quartet … Outdoor Concert

WHEN: Tuesday, August 21, 7 pm - 9 pm Westfield, NJ
WHERE: First Baptist Church, 170 Elm Street on front lawn, Westfield, NJ
ADMISSION: Free to the Public

Sweet Sounds of Downtown Westfield After Dark...

Dave Braham, pn; Takashi Otsuka, bs Gordon Lane, drums


WHEN: FRIDAY AUGUST 24, 7 pm-11 pm; Food or Drink Purchase … Required Full Lounge & Bar
St. Josephs Plaza / Priory Restaurant, 233 West Market Street, Newark, NJ. Secure Parking Lot on Premises .. Food plus YOU great combination!
ADMISSION: Free to Public First Come Seating

Radam Schwartz, pn; Takashi Otsuka, bass, Les Mc Kee, drums

Plus DJ Cecile & Company—Bring Your Dancin’ Shoes & Let's Party

Carrie Jackson & Friends

WHEN: August 28, NJ 8pm-11pm. Food or Beverage Purchase Required
16 Prospect Wine Bar & Bistro, 16 Prospect Street, Westfield, NJ

Jazz Stimulus No Music Cover

Carrie Jackson…Jazz Vocal Stylist rekindles thoughts of America's great jazz history.

Ms. Jackson has performed at Top Jazz Venues in the metropolitan area also touring in the USA and abroad. Carrie attributes her vocal style of singing to her mentors, the Great Ladies of Jazz, Sarah "Sassy" Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, and Carmen Mc Rae. She has taken all of her mentors and made them a part of her bringing new horizons to this classical art form called Jazz. She is a vocalist and performer who spreads, shares her joy and well-honed expertise on the stage. Ms. Jackson with her multifaceted singing style she can harmonize swing, scat, swings classic jazz standards with sweet soul, wail the blues, ballads, or Gospel, all complimented by her engaging stage presence and graceful moves.