Thursday, July 26, 2018



by Lillian Hellman

WHEN: July 26th - August 5th every Thursday-Saturday at 8pm, Saturdays & Sundays at 2pm, and select Wednesdays at 8pm. A talkback will occur after Friday evening performances. July 27th join us in a post-show discussion with the cast, director, and Brian Herrera, Assistant Professor of Theater at Princeton University. Friday, August 3rd join us in a post-show discussion with the cast, creative team, and Artistic Director Daniel Krane.
: Hamilton Murray Theater, Princeton University, Princeton
TICKETS: $29.50 for general admission, $24.50 for students and matinees.
To order tickets, visit or call the PST box office at 1-732-997-0205.


Princeton Summer Theater (PST) continues its 2018 season with The Children’s Hour. This fiery American classic by Lillian Hellman (The Little Foxes) depicts a world where rules are rigid, rumors fly faster than truth, and the hint of scandal is enough to bring two schoolteachers’ lives crashing down.

TCH4Director Maeli Goren’s take on The Children’s Hour is rooted in the deeply political context in which the play was written. In her director’s note she explains how “during the development of the play, Hitler came to power in Germany, the KKK continued its resurgence throughout the United States, and the tides of nationalism, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia rose steadily worldwide.” She finds the world of The Children’s Hour to be “obsessed with how to be good: how good people look, dress, grow up, speak, and love. It’s a world where goodness is a costume we put on, and the fabric can be easily torn by those around us. A familiar place where in order to guard our own goodness, we need to be able to point our fingers at the folks who are bad.” [Above left: Mary (E Harper Nora Jeremijenko-Conley, center) explains what she’s seen to Dr. Cardin (Evan Gedrich, left) and Mrs. Tilford (Maeve Brady, right).]

Company members Allison Spann, Maeve Brady,  E Nora Harper Jerimijenko Conley, Carol Lee, Lydia Watt, Rebecca Wei-Hsieh, and Chamari White-Mink will be returning to the stage in this production and will be joined by a new company member, Evan Gedrich.

PST’s The Children’s Hour Features:
  • Maeve Brady as Peggy Rogers and Mrs. Tilford
  • Evan Gedrich as Lois and Dr. Cardin
  • Rebecca Wei Hsieh as Rosalie Wells and Grocery Boy
  • E Nora Harper Jerimijenko Conley as Mary Tilford
  • Carol Lee as Evelyn Munn and Agatha
  • Allison Spann as Martha Dobie
  • Lydia Watt as Karen Wright
  • Chamari White-Mink as Mrs. Lily Mortar

TOP: Evelyn (Carol Lee), Peggy (Maeve Brady), Lois (Evan Gedrich),  Mrs. Lily Mortar (Chamari White-Mink), Rosalie (Rebecca Wei Hsieh), and Mary (E Harper Nora Jeremijenko-Conley) in sewing class at the Wright-Dobie School.