Thursday, June 7, 2018


Who needs the arts when we have television?

Theater is probably the least cost-efficient way to deliver entertainment, but it’s the place where ideas and experience are brought to life. Watch all the TV you want; you are still only experiencing your couch.

Who needs local theater when there is Broadway (and the Paper Mill)?

It’s not just that we want our neighbors to SEE art; we want them to BE artists. We need imaginative and creative people right next door to build stronger communities. Small professional theater is the incubator for new plays and rising talent that might never emerge without a place to stretch and grow.

Please contribute to our 5K Fundraiser.

$10 or $10,000 – the number that counts is HOW MANY PEOPLE we can get to support live theater, as audience, donors and creators.

Thank you,
Mark Spina

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