Wednesday, June 27, 2018

BONJ ANSWERS THE QUESTION: What is a Trouser Role?

What is Trouser Role?

The term is mostly used in the opera world.  It refers to a male character intended to be sung by a female soprano or mezzo-soprano.   Most commonly, the character is a young male.

What are some famous trouser roles?

There are many famous trouser roles in great operas. Cherubino in Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro is one. Oscar in Verdi's Un ballo in maschera is another. The most recent one would be Octavian in Richard Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier.   

What is the trouser role in Die Fledermaus?

Prince Orlovsky, at whose palace the Act II party is held, is a trouser role. He is a young—maybe 16-17 years old—Russian prince who is bored with life. He hopes the party trick being enacted by Falke will make him laugh. Strauss most likely cast the role for female singer both to convey the character's youth and to add another female voice to the ensemble.

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Other events of the 2018 festival include

  • The Summer Cabaret (August 11, 7:30 pm, Grace Church)
  • Chamber Music Celebration (August 12, 3:00 pm, Grace Church)
  • Lunchtime Keyboard recitals (August 6-10, 12:15 pm, Grace Church)
  • Summer Breezes Orchestra Concert (August 19, 3:00 pm, Dolan Hall)

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