Thursday, January 25, 2018

Two Opportunities for Flat Out Family Joy at RVCC this Friday

Pure energy meets spiritual high.

★★★★★ - The Scotsman

YAMATO DRUMMERSYamato - The Drummers of Japan
WHEN: Fri., January 26, at 12PM 
RVCC Theatre, 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg
Tickets will be available at the door starting at 11AM

Grades: 3+   Length: 60 mins.



Whether you're schooling at home or naturally value educational opportunities that take place outside the classroom, this is a show for you and every kid you want to influence. Join us and see a part of the world that doesn't come around every day. You won't regret it. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

Yamato - The Drummers of Japan
WHEN: Fri., Jan. 26, at 7PM
$25 & $35
This wildly entertaining group of energetic young Taiko drummers presents a high-energy spectacle of athleticism, superhuman coordination, and heart-pounding intensity. With drums that weigh up to half a ton, the Yamato drummers' staggering display of physical strength and their trademark infections energy will leave you feeling totally exhilarated. Continually challenging themselves to reach greater heights, this spirited performance celebrates the strength, hope, dreams and courage in all of us.

Feel the uninterrupted vibration of the beat throughout our bodies. We will never lose!