Friday, January 5, 2018




By Agatha Christie

WHEN: January 7, 12-4pm; Jan 8, 9, 10, 7-9pm; Callbacks: January 11: 7-9pm. ​No Appointment required.
WHERE: Oakes Center, 120 Morris Avenue, Summit

Actors ages 18 + may audition, cast includes 8 males and 3 females.

For more information, go to our website or email Director Cass Cochrane at for any questions.

Show dates are April 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15

Characters: 8 males 3 females

  • Vera Claythorne - A good-looking girl in her twenties, she is one of the few people that make it to the end. She is strong but occassionally succumbs to nerves and is particularly affected by the poem “Ten Little Soldiers.”
  • Philip Lombard - A mysterious, confident, and adventurous man, Lombard is bolder and wittier than most of the other characters. He, along with Vera, makes it to the end. He has a strong connection with Vera, as well, which harms and helps him.
  • William Blore - A former police inspector, he comes to the island undercover but is quickly discovered, which harms his supposed innocence in the eyes of the others. He makes mistakes throughout the play and believes guilt of the wrong people, but his inquisitiveness and resourcefulness, and perhaps his fondness for drink, help him live longer than most.
  • Sir Lawrence Wargrave - An acting leader of the group, he does what he can to organize a plan of attack and get as much info about the circumstances as he can. He has suspicions about who the murderer may be but refrains from revealing them when he can. He takes charge but struggles with his own dark past and tendencies.
  • Dr. Armstrong - A target for suspicion right off the bat because of his extensive medical knowledge. He is a recovering alcoholic and somewhat timid. Although professionally successful, the doctor can be incredibly gullible.
  • Emily Brent - One of the few characters that feels no guilt about the crimes that she was accused of. She is unapologetically religious and feels no inhibition about pointing out the sins of other people.
  • Rogers - As the butler, Rogers serves the rest of the group and even continues his duties after his wife is found dead.
  • Mrs. Rogers - Rogers’ wife. Ethel is a frail woman, and the death of Tony Marston causes her much distress. ere is much suspicious about her death and whether or not her husband could have done it.
  • General MacKenzie – The oldest guest, MacKenzie is one of the guests that doesn’t become distraught when the deaths are out in the open and everyone starts suspecting everyone else. He gives in and resigns himself to death early on and speaks of joining his dead wife.
  • Anthony Marston - A rich and spoiled young man. Marston likes to drive reck- lessly and seems to lack a conscience. He killed two small children in a car accident caused by his speeding, but shows no remorse.
  • Fred Naracott- Island caretaker, brings food the the island, and transports the guests to and from the mainland.