Wednesday, October 25, 2017



Trophy Scars
Openers: Will Wood & the Tapeworms/ Latewaves

WHEN: SaturdayN November 4, Doors:7:00/Show: 7:30
White Eagle Hall, 335-337 Newark Avenue, Jersey City
TICKETS: $13.50 - $15.91

Before heading overseas for an extensive European tour, Trophy Scars will celebrate their 15th Anniversary with a very special concert at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City.

Formed 2002 in Morristown New Jersey, Trophy Scars are an experimental rock band working in multiple categories: blues, neo-psychedelic, experimental, post-punk, and post-hardcore. The band decided to mark their decade-and-a-half milestone with an exclusive performance for their New Jersey fan-base in the newly restored, historic concert hall known for its intimate atmosphere, superior sightlines and cutting-edge sound system.

This one-night only 15th Anniversary Show will be the this New Jersey band’s first-ever Jersey City concert. “We’re very excited to play White Eagle Hall,” says John Ferrara, guitarist. “The venue is perfect for this show. We wanted to do something truly special for the fans and we couldn’t have found a better venue to do it in.”

In addition to Ferrara, the Trophy Scars are Jerry Jones (vocals), Brian Ferrara (drums), Andy Farrell (bass) and Gray Reinhard (keyboards).

The White Eagle Hall 15th Anniversary show almost never happened. The band’s most recent album– Holy Vacants – was two years in the making and was originally planned as the group’s farewell. “The making of this record opened a whole new door, in all of our minds,” says Jones. “We realized how much more we had to investigate in ourselves and what we were capable of. Instead of being a send-off, Holy Vacants has given us a total reboot.”

A concept record that originally started as 35-page screenplay by Ferrara, a Communications graduate with a major in screenwriting, Holy Vacants tells the tale of two lovers who discover that the blood of angel/human hybrids contains the fountain of youth, then embark on killing spree so they can drink this precious blood and stop growing old. “The album was really an exorcism of a relationship with a girl I had proposed to, and it was about being so in love with somebody that they literally destroy you,” says Ferrara. “The only way I know how to go through that kind of therapy is to present it as art. I had to write the album as a way of exorcising this person from my mind and soul.”

Originally constructed in 1910, the newly restored White Eagle Hall is an impressive new venue for arts and entertainment, including concerts, theater, performances and other events in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. White Eagle Hall features complete food & beverage service, with two bars on the mezzanine level and one on the balcony level. The restoration enhanced the intimacy and charm of this historic venue while adding the latest in sound and lighting technology, creating a distinctive and memorable audience experience.