Monday, July 31, 2017



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Addams Family Musical

WHEN: August 14 & 15 from 7pm to 10pm.
Forum Theatre, 314 Main St., Metuchen

Casting all Roles
Please send pic and resume to to set up an appointment.

Rehearsals begin at the Forum Theatre September 18 from 7pm to 10pm Tuesday thru Friday and 10 to 5 on Fri

Performances begin October 13 and closes on Halloween October 31 Friday & Saturday 8pm Sun 2pm.

  • Gomez Addams (Lead): Male, 18+ man of Spanish descent who takes great pride in his family and revels in all it means to be an “Addams”, he struggles with having to keep his daughters secret from his wife whom he adores more than death, smart, comedic actor with tenor vocals.
  • Morticia Addams (Lead): Female, 18+attractive, leggy, the strength of the family, an easy comedic actress with a sexy, dry wit, feels her husband is hiding something from her and will use any tactic to lure the secret out, strong dancer/mover, with alto/mezzo soprano vocals.
  • Uncle Fester (Supporting): Male, 18+androgynous family member who serves as the musicals narrator, larger than life, an energetic, joyous, child-like presence, vaudeville style comedian with tenor vocals.
  • Wednesday Addams (Lead): Female, 17+ plays 25-30 years old, attractive, with the same dry wit and sensibility of her mother, finds love with a “normal” boy (Lucas) and wants to introduce his family to hers, experiences the youthful drama that comes with first love, strong pop belt vocals.
  • Pugsley Addams (Supporting): Male, 17+ plays 18-24 years old, charming, funny, husky boy who loves being tortured by his sister, wants to ensure he won’t lose his sister to her new boyfriend so he takes matters into his own hands, strong, high vocals.
  • Lurch (Supporting): Male, 18+
  • Mal Beineke (Supporting): Male, 18+
  • Alice Beineke (Supporting): Female, 18+
  • Lucas Beineke (Lead): Male, 18+
  • 5 Chorus/Ensemble for The Ancestors Males & Females, 17+