Thursday, January 14, 2016


Youth Theatre Programs

The Rhino Theatre in Pompton Lakes, NJ offers numerous theatre workshops and coaching sessions for kids, teens and  young adults looking to further their studies in the performing arts. From acting to singing and staging musical numbers, we will help your child find their niche and develop the skills needed to help them move forward in the industry, as well as make friends that will last a lifetime. Choose us and watch your child blossom, both on stage and off!

WHERE: Rhino Theatre, 247 Wanaque Ave., Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

Private Performance Coaching

If your child is interested in one-on-one coaching with theatre experts, look no further than Rhino Theatre in Pompton Lakes, NJ. We offer a number of different private lessons to help your child reach their potential. Browse through each of our options and choose the one that is right for your child.

Private Acting Coaching
Coach: Kim Marino
Schedule: Please call the theatre to schedule an appointment.

Actors would commit to meeting with Kim once per week for a minimum of one month for a one hour private session. During these coaching lessons, the actor/student is encouraged to setting short term and long-term goals for their career path. Kim will guide you through her experiences of the realities of the industry giving specific guidance to obtaining an agent, putting together a headshot & resume, choosing appropriate monologues or audition materials, full preparation for an audition, and ultimately aiding in booking a job. By working one-on-one, Kim will help the actor gain self-confidence and remove the word “fear” of the unknown in the industry. Besides consistent work with “sides” (small sections of scripts, commercial copy, etc.), monologues and audition preparation materials, the actor will leave each session with a better perspective of the industry and the direction in which they want to take their career.

Private Vocal Coaching
Coach: Rich Lovallo
Schedule: Please call the theatre to schedule an appointment.

Singers would have the opportunity to work one on one with Rich perfecting not only their vocal abilities, but their singing auditions as well to bring out the best in themselves. Rich will work with each performer to teach them proper vocal technique, stage presence, vocal placement, breath support, diction, pitch, self-confidence, and build their musical repertoire to aid them in future performances and auditions. By working one-on-one to perfect your singing talent, you will be encouraged to have more confidence in your performance skills, expression and creativity. Rich works with both beginners and advanced singers.

Private Dance Coaching
Coach: Terese Opiela
Schedule: Please call the theatre to schedule an appointment.

Dancers would commit to meeting with Terese once per week for a minimum of one month for a one-hour private session. The students will learn movement phrases based on their personal goal. Terese will help the dancer to feel more comfortable on stage, whether it would be movement for a vocal solo, or a dance audition. Terese will work with each student to teach them proper dance technique, stage presence and coordination. She will guide you through different dance styles and ways to move, based on ability. By working one-on-one, Terese will help the dancer gain self-confidence to add movement to any performance or audition. This type of coaching also applies to small groups who want to learn together.

Learn More About Our Workshops 
We also provide a number of workshops to help your children improve their craft. Call us today to learn more