Tuesday, January 5, 2016



by Jean Anouilh
Produced by Laurie Devino and Heidi Bonney
Directed by Steve Bartlow

WHEN: Wednesday, January 27, 7:00 pm (6:30-8pm sign-in); Thursday, January 28, 7:00 pm (6:30-8pm sign-in); Callbacks Thursday, January 30 at 11am, if necessary. 
WHERE: Duncan Smith Theatre (Located in front of Holmdel High School)
36 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733

Needed are several performers, ranging in age, including some high school-aged performers.

  • All ethnicities are encouraged to audition.
  • Those auditioning need attend only one of the regular audition dates.
  • Monologues are welcome but not required. No pre-registration is required.
  • Audition sides from the script will be provided at auditions.


Equity Special Appearance Contract will be available for this production

Rehearsals will run through February, March and April. Cast members must keep conflicts to a minimum.

Performance dates are April 8th through April 23rd.

Auditions, Rehearsals, and Performances will be held at:
Duncan Smith Theatre (Located in front of Holmdel High School)
36 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733.

Becket is the story of the tragic relationship between King Henry II of England and the introspective intellectual, Thomas Becket, who had been his dearest friend, but who became his implacable enemy when intrigue raised him to the hierarchy of the church.

All roles are open. The cast includes a variety of rich characters of all ethnicities for teens and adults, ages 13-80. They are led by King Henry II and Thomas Becket, roles immortalized by Anthony Quinn and Laurence Olivier on Broadway, and Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton in the film adaptation. The play won 4 Tony Awards in 1960, including Best Play.

Major characters include:

  • Becket
    Male, Age: 35 - 45 Thomas Becket is first the king's friend, later the king's chancellor, and finally Archbishop of Canterbury. Although Becket is a close personal friend of the king's and his most trusted adviser, he is not of the same race as the king. Becket prides himself on doing what needs to be done well. He does not consider himself, however, to be a man of honor. In spite of his self-analysis, he reveals himself to be more moral than he will admit. Although Becket is ambitious, he begs Henry not to name him as Archbishop of Canterbury. By taking on this role, Becket finds the honor that has so long eluded him.
  • Henry II
    Male, Age: 25 - 35 King Henry II is the ruler of England. He has taken Thomas Becket as his advisor, and they have become close friends. He is alternately ruthless, fun loving, politically savvy, and easily led. He seems to have little regard for the people he rules; as a Norman, he has nothing but disdain for the subjugated Saxons. He is a womanizer, a drinker, and a passionate friend. Henry never forgets that he is king.
  • Archbishop of Canterbury
    Male, Age: 50 - 70 The archbishop of Canterbury is the highest official of the Catholic Church in England. At the time of the play, the archbishop and Henry are engaged in a struggle for power. At issue is who will have authority over England: the king or the church. Ironically, the most important action undertaken by the archbishop of Canterbury is dying. His death opens the way for Henry to appoint Becket to this position, thus setting the tragedy in motion.  Actor will play additional characters.
  • Gilbert Folliot, Bishop of London
    Male, Age: 25 - 50 An adversarial bishop who battles with both Henry and Becket; both wildly ambitious and jealous, he allows his insecurity and temper to get the best of him as he struggles to find a way to make his voice heard. Actor will play additional characters.
  • King Louis of France
    Male, Age: 25 - 45 A snobby French King who is equally interested in assisting and exploiting Becket; in many ways, the antithesis to King Henry - well-mannered, flamboyant and high minded; but he owns the room in the same way that Henry does, perhaps even to his detriment. Actor will play additional characters.
  • Saxon Girl
    Female, Age 15-20 A young peasant who is brought to the palace by Henry, as a companion for Becket; naïve and unexposed to the ways of nobility, yet subservient and curious as to its offerings. Actress will play additional characters.
  • Young Monk
    Male, Age: 15 - 25 A young, rebellious monk who first tries to kill Becket before becoming his protégé; like Becket, he finds direction in his life once he enters into the clergy; while he is undereducated and somewhat sloppy, he is perceptive and fiercely loyal to Becket and the Church. Actor will play additional characters.
  • Gwendolen
    Female, Age: 20 - 35 Becket’s mistress; regal and intelligent but slightly naive, she solemnly and courageously meets her death after realizing that she and Becket will never be together. Sings a ballad while playing the lute/mandolin at the request of Henry. Actress will play additional character(s). Actresses auditioning for the role of Gwendolen should prepare 16 bars of a ballad (not necessarily from a show/musical). Ballad may be sung a Capella, or with guitar or mandolin (a guitar will be available for your use). Ability to play guitar/mandolin a plus.
  • Young Queen (Eleanor of Aquitaine)
    Female, Age: 18 - 30 A young Queen caught in an unhappy marriage with King Henry; will one day grow into the forceful and skillfully pragmatic Eleanor of Aquitaine; for now, she is more interested in challenging Henry’s masculinity and intelligence and less inclined to use diplomacy and charm to fall into his good graces. Actress will play additional characters.
  • Queen Mother
    Female, Age: 35 – 50 A disapproving, over-bearing mother to Henry; undermines him at every corner and is suspicious of her son’s relationship with Becket; older and perhaps a tad senile, but still retains a sharp wit and fiery passion for power. Actress will play additional characters.

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