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Adult Classes in Playwriting and Acting Begin February 16th & 17th
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Acting Essentials
WHEN: Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm; February 16th-April 26th; No Class on April 5th
Luna Stage, 555 Valley Road, West Orange
TUITION: 10 Sessions - $195
Instructor: Ned Coulter

Designed equally for beginning actors as well as actors with experience, this ten-week intensive class provides a nurturing professional atmosphere where participants learn to free the power of their imaginations and gain a better understanding of the actor's journey when creating a role. The class starts with a review of basic acting skills and quickly progresses through improvisations, exercises, cold readings, and script analysis to acting monologues and scenes from theater and film.

Because of the emphasis on the individual, the goal of the class is that everyone achieves a deeper insight into their own unique knowledge of the acting experience and how they personally relate to it. Directors and playwrights who want a better knowledge of the actor's process have found this course valuable for its straight forward approach.

Master Class: The Actor's Workshop
WHEN: Wednesdays 7;00 pm - 9:00 pm; February 17th - April 27th; Final Presentation May 4th; No Class on April 6th
11 sessions - $210
Instructor: Ned Coulter

Take your acting skills to the next level with our Master Class. This class is designed for student actors with prior class room experience who wish to further explore the craft of acting through the use of monologues and scenes from contemporary and classic writers. Building on the principles introduced in our "Acting Essentials" class, emphasis is on character development and preparing for production. The goal of the class is that everyone achieves a deeper insight into their own unique knowledge of the acting experience and how they personally relate to it. The class will culminate in a presentation in Luna's Studio Theater with an invited audience. Students who have not taken our "Acting Essentials" Class must receive permission from the Instructor to register for the Master Class. Inquiries may be sent to

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Image: Our Fall 2015 Civic Playwrights with Instructor Kaitlin Stilwell

Civic Playwriting

WHEN: Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm; February 16th - April 26th; Rehearsal on Monday April 25th. Final Presentation on April 26th); No Class on April 5th
11 sessions - $210
Instructor: Kaitlin Stillwell

For thousands of years, playwrights have been bringing people together to explore what it means to be part of a particular society Whether you are new to writing or a seasoned professional, this unique playwriting class will stimulate writers of all mediums who have an interest in how their words can affect and engage their community. The class begins by reviewing the basics of playwriting, exploring what it means to write a "civic play," and sampling multiple techniques for doing so. Playwrights will work on short plays outside of class, using class time to further develop their work. The class culminates in a public reading of these plays by professional actors on Luna's mainstage.

Please note: This class requires approximately 2-3 hours of a week of work outside of the class hours.

WHEN: Wednesdays 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm; February 17th - April 27th; No class on April 6th
10 sessions - $195
Instructor: Kaitlin Stillwell

You've taken playwriting classes, you've got drafts piling up on your desk and ideas crowding your consciousness. But how do you take that next step? PlayGym is a new play development forum for playwrights to hear their work read aloud and to receive feedback from professionals in a safe, nurturing environment. At each session, playwrights will have access to 4-5 professional actors trained in new play development and Luna's Resident Dramaturg. Workshop new material, finally finish that play that's been plaguing you, develop it with the actors in the room, try out different versions-how you use your time is up to you. Throughout the semester, each playwright will receive over 2 hours of personalized time and will have assisted and learned from fellow writers.

Please note: this class is intended for playwrights with some experience or training. Please submit a brief resume (including any classes taken), or a writing sample.

" I have enjoyed many performances at Luna Stage which was certainly good enough, but now I feel like part of the Luna Stage community. That's better! " —Civic Playwriting Student

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Image: Professional actors Lawrence Street (L) and Danielle Renee Thompson (R)with Civic Playwright William Anthony King (C) in a reading of A House is Not a Home by Civic Playwright Marlicia Nicole James