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Observatory in November

Thankfulness begins with our stars...

ADMISSION: $8 for one show, $14 for two shows on the same day!
WHERE: RVCC Planetarium, 118 Lamington Road, North Branch

Saturdays, November 14, & 21, 3:00 pm & 7:00 pm


The Autumn skies are full of myth and science. Learn some of the Greek mythology associated with the constellations, then look beyond the stories to discover the deep space objects hidden within: binary star systems, star clusters, and giant galaxies.  

(Recommended ages 8 and older)


Saturday evenings,
as long as it's clear, you can find a staff member opening the Observatory. Free to all, but call ahead to make sure the weather is permitting!

Please call 908-231-8805 if you would like to check. 



Sunday, November 22nd, 2 PM 

Perfect Little Planet 

A family from another solar system is seeking the perfect vacation spot. Fly over the surface of Pluto, our best known dwarf planet; sail through the rings of Saturn; feel Jupiter's lightning storms; and walk on the surface of Mars. Which destination will the family choose?

(Recommended for ages 6-12)


Sunday, November 22nd, 3 PM 

Earth, Moon,  and Sun, & Coyote  

Coyote has a razor-sharp wit, but he's a little confused about what he sees in the sky. Join this amusing character (adapted from Native American oral traditions) in a fast-paced and fun, full-dome show that tells Native American stories, explores lunar phases, eclipses, and other puzzles, and examine how humans learn through space exploration.  (Recommended ages 8-12)   Call 908-231-8805 for reservations (Highly Recommended!)

Sunday, November 22nd, 4:30 pm

The Sky Above

A planetarium show for families with children on the Autism Spectrum or with other developmental disabilities.

All ages are welcome to this one-hour sensory-friendly program. The show will provide a comfortable and judgment-free space that is welcoming to all families. The doors will remain open so that children will be able to come and go. Lights will be left dim and audio will be lowered and at a consistent level. The sky show will include: music, videos, planets, the Moon, constellations and laser lights.  All material is presented on a very basic level.

TICKETS: $8.00 per person   
Call 908-231-8805 for reservations! (Highly Recommended!)