Friday, September 18, 2015


The East Coast Premiere of

The Tall Girls 
by Meg Miroshnik
Directed by Jane Mandel

October 8th - November 1st

The tiny hamlet of Poor Prairie doesn't see a lot of folks coming into town - least of all men—so when one gets off the train, everybody talks, especially since he has the only inflated basketball in town. Set in the historic 1930s Dust Bowl in the rural Midwest, The Tall Girls explores class, gender and the history of women in sports, and asks just who can afford the luxury of play.


Meet The Cast

"The audacity some people had to not allow women to play sports is something worth exploring..." Mike Mihm (Haunt Johnny), making his Luna Stage debut.

"Each character's way of escaping their individual struggles is by playing basketball and that is very courageous."  Montclair State University student, Vanessa Cardenas (Almeda), making her Luna Stage debut.

"The amount of girl power in this show is significant. This group of girls created a basketball team and tried to better their lives." Daisy Chase (Lurlene), a West Windsor-Plainsboro High School student, making her Luna Stage debut.

"We're fighting for the same right to play basketball as the boys and that resonates so much in our time."  Montclair High School student Brigie Coughlin (Inez) making her Luna Stage debut.

"The different relationships between characters are so unique and so different. it's exciting to see how it all comes back to basketball."  Columbia High School's Lucy Schmidt (Puppy), making her Luna Stage debut.

"This group of young women is illustrated in a way that's really full and they're all driving their own stories..."  Emily Verla (Jean), returning to Luna Stage after debuting in last year's World Premiere of Tar Beach.

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555 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ 07052