Wednesday, January 28, 2015



by Eric Lane
directed by Michael Driscoll

WHEN:  Saturday, February 14th, and Sunday, February 15th, at 1 PM
WHERE: MONDO, 426 Springfield Ave in Summit NJ.

Performance dates are April 10 - 25, 2015.

Eric Lane's poignant and hilarious play RIDE takes three teenage girls on a life-changing road trip. While Carrie and Molly would never hang out together at high school, the two form a fragile bond during their job at a local farm stand. Molly convinces Carrie to join her on an unexpected road trip, which deepens their connection. Sam, Carrie's eleven-year-old sister, joins them and creates the bridge the older girls need to move forward. All three girls are keeping secrets, which unfold over the course of their adventure. Throughout the play, Carrie recalls the life of Anne Frank, the subject of a high-school composition. Carrie wonders if everybody isn't living in hiding in their own secret annex. The girls' true selves begin to emerge; their "ride" is both a physical and emotional one


  • Carrie - 18 yr old, smart, sensitive, extremely responsible. Basically raises her younger sister. A protector.
  • Molly - 17 yr old; Pretty, a somewhat tougher exterior to mask her vulnerability underneath. Stylish.
  • Samantha - 12 yr old; Carrie's younger sister. Bright, full of ideas and energy. Aspires to be an equal with Carrie and Molly. (Sam uses Adult Language)

Pictures and Resumes Required

Readings will be from the script. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES

Cast breakdown and sides can be found on their website Alliance Repertory Theatre