Tuesday, November 11, 2014




WHEN: SUN. NOV. 30th at 6:00 PM; MON. DEC. 1st at 7:00 PM
WHERE: STUDIO PLAYERS, 14 Alvin Place, Upper Montclair

Something is terribly wrong with Grandma! She’s very sick and weak, but luckily for her, recovery is just a quest away! The teacher at the exclusive Fantasy Academy challenges her fairy tale character students to embark on a quest. While seeking the audience’s assistance throughout their journey there’s a lesson in helping others through much silliness and fun!

Directed by Betsy Zaubler / Mentors: Janet Sales, Laura Byrne-Cristiano & Tommy Donaldson

*Open only to kids ages 8-18 who have not graduated High School**

Character Descriptions

  • Teacher Fairy: (13-18, female) kind teacher who gives students the assignment for the quest to cure Grandma
  • Western Pig: (8-18, Male/Female) student with a southern twang
  • Judo Pig: (8-18, Male/Female) student who loves karate and performing karate chops. Preferably played by an actor with some karate, gymnastics, or dance experience but not required.
  • Just Plain Ordinary Pig: (8-18, Male/Female), student who is just very ordinary
  • Little Red With A Hood: (8-18, Female), student who is full of pizazz
  • 007 Goldilocks: (8-18, Female), student who is very tough and has a tendency to steal porridge from the three bears
  • Not Very Short Dwarf: (8-18, Male/Female), student who is quite tall for a dwarf
  • Huff-N-Puff: (12-18, Male), big bad wolf who tries to stop the students from succeeding on their quest, but has very bad luck
  • Grandma: (13-18, Male/Female), sick old lady who loves to have fun
  • Snowy White: (8-18, Female), loves working outside and singing, but sings very badly
  • Doofy: (8-11, Male/Female), Snowy Whites preschool dwarf who helps Snowy White with yard work
  • Dandy: (8-11, Male/Female), Snowy Whites other preschool dwarf who helps Snowy White with yard work
  • Tag-Along Troll: (8-18, Male/Female), Huff-N-Puff’s wannabe sidekick, who is not accepted by other trolls or Huff-N-Puff
  • Evil Queen of Denial: (10-18, Female), evil queen who believes she is the fairest in the land, not Snowy White
  • Big Momma Bear: (13-18, Female), head of the bear family who only cooks porridge
  • Daddy Bear: (13-18, Male), not very bright father who acts a little childish
  • Cute-As-A-Button-Baby Bear: (8-11, Male/Female), only child who is very needy
  • Rapunzel: (8-18, Female), Rapunzel’s self-centered twin who is not quite as beautiful as Rapunzel
  • Somewhat Handsome Prince: (8-18, Male), not very handsome so he has to settle for Rapunzel

Performance Dates: Feb 21 - March 1, 2015

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