Monday, October 6, 2014



La Strada Ensemble Theater cordially invites you to attend our short play festival about Ghosts, Retribution, Murderers, Dracula and the Jersey Devil in....

Chill: A Scary Short Play Festival

WHEN: Thursday, October 23, at 7 PM; Friday, October 25, at 7 PM, and Sunday, October 26, at 2 PM.  Doors open 1/2 before the show begins to get a ghoulish treat.
Bank on Mattison, 649 Mattison Avenue, NJ 07712 on 2nd Floor (please note there is no elevator to the 2nd floor.
TICKETS: $20 (two drinks included in ticket price) and $15 for students and senior citizens with I.D. For tickets visit us at

Starring: Patrick Bean, Evan Black, A.J. Ciccotelli, Joe DelGiodice, Griffin Dunn, Nadine Dunn, Dana Marie Falzone, Nick Falzone, Dennis Gribben, Stephanie Gulino, Donna Knowlton, Stephanie Roman, and Thomas Ryan Ward

Warning: strobe lighting used during this production.

  • A young boy and his family are plunged into a ghost story as things that go bump in the night are clearly coming from the barn in Clementine by Thomas Ryan Ward.  Based on a true story.
  • A man awakes from a nightmare to find himself being interviewed by a friend who had died on if he is going to be cast into hell in Fate Files by Dennis Gribben.
  • We all love movies, some of us want to make them – some of us would kill to be in the spot light.  In The Avant-Garde Filmmaker by A.J. Ciccotelli, the director wants to make sure everyone gets their hands dipped in blood for their art.
  • A young woman breaking free from a disastrous marriage and a killer of young women on the loose crosses paths in Encounters by A.J. Ciccotelli and Darren Debari.
  • Dracula and Renfield have been scaring up the kiddies in his castle in Transylvania for centuries but the only thing scarier maybe a young Hollywood Studio Executive who wants to close the deal in Down for the Count by Gerry Ringwald who hails for Chicago.
  • A hot-shot reporter goes off searching for the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens where he roams; he might have bitten off more than the Jersey Devil could chew in The Devil’s Playground by Darren Debari.