Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Happy Dance: New Workshop Location!
You may have noticed that each month the Living Out Loud writing workshops (aka: the writer babes) meet at a "private home" (mine). Because of this, I don't broadcast the location on my website, in social media, or even here—to my fabu-list of peeps (you).

I've been told that not having a specific location stops some of you from coming. And I get it. I might feel the same way if I were on the fence about something, and the closest they came to giving me a location was "X minutes off Y freeway."

Not this time, This month, we're going public. Vague location-referencing begone!

Living Out Loud writing workshop
WHEN: July 19th; 10 AM – 1 PM

WHERE: Oasis for the Soul, 18 Bank Street, Suite 300, Morristown, NJ
TUITION: Register in advance for $40, or $45 after that.*

Cozy, just like my living room, Oasis for the Soul at 18 Bank Street is walkable from public transportation, and right off the Morristown Green—with a large parking lot right across the street, and street parking all around too.

Want to join us? Just email to request your registration/invoice.

For more details about the Living Out Loud writing workshops, visit the website. Or drop me a line, leave a question on the Living Out Loud facebook page, or @debcooperman on Twitter; I'm happy to answer your questions.

Hope to see you on the 19th.

Write on, live awesomely ... 

ps. i'll still host workshops in my living room, but i hope to be bringing even more to public locations. want one in your neck of the woods? just ask, it can probably be arranged ...