Saturday, May 3, 2014


Review By: Theodora Appleton

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood was published back in 2000 by Mary Lynn Dobson, a New Jersey native herself. Dobson has a way of putting big ideas into a simple, comedic and hilarious script. She uses stereotypes and humor to get some significant points across during the show. Throughout the play, we recognize the importance of equality, faith and determination.

This nicely paced “Monty-Pythonesque” comedy will have you laughing all throughout the night. This  type of light humor is good for the soul, no doubt! Under the direction of Barbara Gianotto, we see Dunellen Skylight expose some raw talent on the stage and in the artistic scheme & direction.

There’s a typical romance between a savior of the poor, the overly confident, Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest (Paul Kazalski, Bound Brook) and a flighty lady Marian (Kelly Maizenaski, Middlesex) a woman with interesting choices of adjectives. You’ll understand what that means during the show! This would all be fun and games until you realize that a story can’t just be rainbows and unicorns, right? We’re introduced to a power-hungry prince and his meticulous sheriff side-kick who is destined to marry the precious Lady Marian. The journey through Robin’s tale wouldn’t be as amusing if we forget the herd of merry men who carry spoons as master weapons of defense to support Robin and his quest of heroism.

Director Gianotto really knew what she was doing when she cast this production. As an audience member, one can appreciate the in depth characterization brought by the actors. The stage is a mere 30ft by 30ft, but the set, costumes and scenic design make this production simple and easy to enjoy. Kudos to the production crew led by Jane Landy, a Dunellen Skylight Theater board member for a wonderful job done.

Of course the company of The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood is credited to hard work and success, yet there is another reason that this show came out so successfully. Interestingly enough, the director herself worked as a stage manager on the first production of The Somewhat…Robin Hood before it was published back in 2000. Gianotto worked side by side with Dobson to create the premiere version of Robin Hood back in July 16th, 1999 at Playhouse 22, East Brunswick. Gianotto has a close relationship with this play, and it shows in how eloquent her production is.

Dunellen Skylight Theatre will present The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood May 2, 7:30 PM, May 3, 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM and Sunday, May 4, 7:30 PM at Dunellen Presbyterian Church, 218 Dunellen Ave, Dunellen NJ.

You don’t want to miss this performance of The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood in Dunellen this month. Tickets can be preordered at For more information about the production feel free to email

Theodora Appleton is a writer for The Dunellen Report in Dunellen, NJ. It is a quarterly newsletter that covers local events and government news. She generally writes about the local Arts going on in Dunellen. She attends Middlesex County Community College and will be attending Rutgers University in the fall and majoring in Psychology. She is active in the regional area of community theatre as an actress.