Thursday, April 24, 2014


Tea & Talk: Alexandra Aldrich, author of the new memoir The Astor Orphans

WHEN: April 27, 3-5 PM
Rutherfurd Hall is located at 1686 Route 517, Allamuchy
ADMISSION: $1 per person

Alexandra Aldrich, a direct Astor descendant, lived at Rokeby, on the Hudson, the house at the heart of this story. Rokeby and Rutherfurd Hall share certain stories and relatives.

Alexander tells her own story of growing up in Rokeby until the age of fourteen, when she left to attend boarding school. She later moved to Poland, where she studied violin and history, and then came back to the United States, where she taught high school English and converted to Orthodox Judaism.

Tea & Talk: A History of Opera, lecture and listening by Joyce Simmons

WHEN: June 1, 3-5 PM

"The Greatest Show on Earth" is basically a theatrical presentation where dramatic performances are set to music. What originated in Italy more than 400 years ago, is still intriguing listeners today; but why did America's elite love it in the 1900s? Why did the Rutherfurd family plan their return to NYC to the start of the Opera season?

This lecture will include listening to recording, and lecture format and is designed as music appreciation for the non-opera lover. Ms. Simmons taught at Felician College, and served as the Music Dept. Chair for fifteen years, and was the Choral Director at Sussex County Community College for ten years. Currently she resides in Sparta, NJ and has published articles and lectures on various music topics for decades.

Door Knobs: Jewelry for Buildings Exhibit
WHEN: April 2-June 15, 2014

Why door knobs at Rutherfurd Hall? Because we want our visitors to notice just how remarkable the hardware (aka jewelry) at the Hall is and knowing a bit about the history of this every day aspect of our material culture is one way to learn! The exhibit is open to the public every Wednesday afternoon, and during our cultural programs.

(for all the details visit our website HERE)

Wizardry for Muggles: A Harry Potter-Themed Camp Session #1
WHEN: July 7-11, 8:30 AM-1 PM

Passport to French Fun: Etre Plein!  
WHEN: July 7-11, 8:30 AM –1 PM

More Wizardry for Muggles: A Harry Potter-Themed Camp  Session #2
WHEN:  July 14-18, 8:30 AM-1 PM

Art Camp: Landscape and Seeing  
WHEN: July 21-25, 8:30 AM –1 PM

Sailing into the Future: Water & Boat Safety and Basic Sailing
WHEN: July 21-25, 8:30 AM – 1 PM

Classic Sports and Games
WHEN: July 28-Aug 1, 8:30 AM –1 PM

Living in the Great Depression: Play Acting History
WHEN: July 28-Aug 1, 8:30 AM – 1 PM