Sunday, January 5, 2014



Annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theater: Murd-arrr!!! Pirates of The Salty Dog

Oour annual murder-mystery dinner theater by Toby Otero, directed by Linda Wielkotz and produced by Mark Peterson, features a cast of 7 characters.

WHEN: Jan. 13 & 15, at 7:00 -9:30 PM
Mario’s Restaurant, 710 Van Houten Ave. Clifton, NJ. 

PERFORMANCE DATES: March 7, 8, 9 and 14, 15, 16; Friday & Saturday at 8PM and Sunday at 4 PM at Mario’s Restaurant. 710 Van Houten Avenue in Clifton, NJ.

Audition pieces from the script will be provided. For more info, visit or call 973.928.7668.

Adults age 19 and older are eligible to audition for the following roles:

  • F. “Bigbeard” McQuarrie - feared Pirate Captain and Proprietor of the Salty Dog
  • Anne “Momma” McQuarrie - Mother of Bigbeard and Head Cook
  • Eddie “Bones” Stevenson - First mate of Bigbeard and Busboy
  • Bonny “Dragon Lady” Howard - Beautiful and tough Pirate Maiden with a fiery personality, also Hostess
  • Clive “The Swallow” Morgan - Resident drunkard Pirate and Head Waiter
  • Jean “The Razor” Thibodeaux - an Arrogant, French Privateer
  • Sheriff Willie Rackham - The local, “Non-Pirate,” Lawman
    After years of sailing the Seven Seas, captain Bigbeard decides to set anchor on dry land in an attempt to live a life on the straight and narrow.  But with the notorious French Privateer, “The Razor”, always hot on his trail…and a Drunken Pirate that always seems to do the wrong thing… Can Bigbeard and his crew ever truly live a peaceful life? Murd-arrr!!! Pirates of The Salty Dog is the manic tale of a stolen treasure chest, sensational swashbuckling, mayhem, mischief and…Murd-arrr!!!

Stage Manager Needed! We are also seeking a Stage Manager for this production. If interested, please come to auditions.