Friday, December 20, 2013


WHERE: Morris Museum, 6 Normandy Hgts. Rd., Morristown

Brick Art of Nathan Sawaya
Through March 9, 2014

Nathan Sawaya, YellowCalling all LEGO® lovers! The incredible LEGO sculptures created by Nathan Sawaya are returning to the Morris Museum for a new exhibition!  Nathan Sawaya is a New York based artist who creates awe-inspiring works out of some of the most unlikely things.  This exhibition features large-scale sculptures using only toy building blocks.  LEGO bricks to be exact!  Sawaya’s ability to transform this common toy into something meaningful, his devotion to spatial perfection and the way he conceptualizes action, enables him to elevate what almost every child has played with into the status of contemporary art.  Sawaya’s captivating sculptures range from whimsical to complex and present a new perspective on creativity.  Kids of all ages are sure to be delighted with this grand display of more than 30 original works of art.

Nathan Sawaya, Yellow, Image courtesy of

Beards: The Long and Short of It
Through March 30, 2014

matt-rainwaters-picFrom goatees, sideburns, and moustaches, to the growing popularity of Annual Beard competitions, this exhibition will explore men’s facial hair trends in America.  While the beard is timeless, certain patterns recall historical figures, eras, and past trends. Step back in time to explore the cultural meanings associated with different facial hair trends that were popular throughout the decades. Featuring artwork and artifacts, this exhibition is sure to “grow” your appreciation for facial hair.

Matt Rainwaters, $teven Ra$pa, 2009

Nano LogoThe Science of the Super Small
Through July 13, 2014

Nano is an interactive exhibition that engages family audiences in nano-scale science, engineering, and technology. Hands-on stations present the basics of nanoscience and engineering, introduce some real world applications, and explore the societal implications of this new technology. Nano was created by the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Network) with support from the National Science Foundation.

al green pottery websitePottery by Albert Green

For more than fifty years until his death in 1994, Albert Green produced works of genius that continue to influence the ceramic world today. Through years of experimentation and study, Albert was able to teach himself the intricacies of clay and glazes.  Simple utilitarian forms—the bowl, the bottle, the plate—became Albert’s canvases, allowing him to concentrate on the interplay of color and design which graces the surface of every piece.