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WHEN: Monday, December 2nd at 8:00 PM and Tuesday, December 3rd at 7:30 PM: there will be  no callbacks for this show
Community Room at the Burgdorff Center, 10 Durand Road, Maplewood, NJ.

SHOW DATES: Friday, February 28–March 8 

The 12 roles are open to both men & women, except for Juror # 5, who must be male.

CAST REQUIREMENTS: (GN = gender neutral)

Juror # 1 GN -"The Foreman", likes the authority given to him/her.Tries to keep the proceedings in order Is of average intelligence. Takes the duties of Foreman seriously. Age Range:30's to 50's.

Juror # 2 GN - Is very meek and mild. Easily swayed, this juror has a hard time committing to his/her own opinion. Wants to be liked, but at the same time, looks for a place to hide.

Juror # 3 GN - A dominent, aggressive person, who only believes in his/her own opinion. Juror # 3 is insensitive and has an ax to grind. Flies off the handle with bursts of emotion.

Juror # 4 GN - Wealthy and snobbish. Enjoys his/her own voice. Sticks to the facts and only the facts. To this juror, the facts tell the whole story.He/she is shocked by some of the behaviors he/she witnesses in the Jury Room. To a certain degree, Juror # 4 looks down on the other jurors.

Juror # 5 - A younger MAN. He is somewhat shy because he believes that he is not as experienced or knowledgable as the other jurors. He knows how to use a switchblade, from growing up in the inner city. He is intimidated by his elders.

Juror # 6 -  A solid citizen, who stands up for people when he believes they are in the right . He is thoughtful and sensitive, but yet strong when the situation calls for it. He is an everyday "Joe".

Juror # 7 GN - Likes to spur people on and makes biting comments about everything. Does not want to be on this jury..or any jury. It is off-putting  to him/her, as there are tickets to a play/ballgame burning a hole in his/her pocket.  He/she does not care what comes out of his/her mouth. Very sarcastic, with outbursts of anger.

Juror # 8 - He is an "everyman" Sensitive, deep and totally serious about his obligations to this case and justice being served. He is kindly and persistent .He is strong in his convictions but can see the other sides of an argument.

Juror # 9 GN - An older senior-citizen, who has lived a long time and now has not much left to do with his/her life. He/she is mild and gentle, realizing that his/her best days are behind. He/she wishes that late in life, he/she was more courageous.  

Juror # 10 GN - An angry and bitter person. This character is a great bigot. Cares for nothing and no one, except him/her self. He/she likes to be on the attack. This character also likes to poke animals with sticks.Having been nowhere,he/she is going nowhere.He/she deflects introspection, because there is nothing there. This character is a bully and therefore a coward.

Juror # 11 GN - A refugee from Germany or the Middle East. Humble shy and ashamed of the proceedings in this court room.  In his/her own way, will seek justice.  He/she has struggled through much injustice , unfairness and heartache. He/she will calmly discuss matters, until a great "injustice" occurs.

Juror # 12 GN - An advertising exec. Slick and well-dressed. Likes to her him/her self talk. Is ready and waiting with any advertising quips. He/she sees everything in terms of "big business". This character is superficial yet benign. He/she truly does not understand people, or what makes them tick.

The play takes place in Chicago, in the summer (July) of 2010. 

The first read through will be on Thursday, December 5th at 7:30 in the community room. ALL cast members must be present for the read through.

All ages and types are needed.

Be aware that if you are cast, you MUST be at 95% of the rehearsals. This show has an ensemble cast and it is important that all 12 jurors get used to " living with one another."  Any questions/concerns, please contact Glen Albright at or 908-964-3593