Friday, March 22, 2013


Again, thanks to Carol Levin of the Bridgewater Twp. Public Library for the following information. Why  not tell your child’s teacher about these events so a field trip can be scheduled? You can even offer to be a chaperone!

Hitler's Daughter
Hitler's Daughter
Monkey Baa 

WHEN: Friday, April 12, at 11 AM  
4 & up
WHERE: RVCC, 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg

Does responsibility (guilt) transfer?  To whom, how far and for how long?

These are the general questions raised by Hitler's Daughter—more specifically, the young character, Mark, who is very much affected by speculation that Hitler had a daughter, asks several questions in conversation with his father: 

  • What if you were a man as bad as Hitler?
  • What if I was a mass murderer?
  • Did we take this land from the Aborigines?

How responsible are we for the actions of others, especially those from distant times and/or places? These are difficult issues and they raise questions to which the answers are elusive. But, they also are the basis of rich conversation.

Based on the novel by Jackie French, this award-winning show tells the story of Hitler's daughter through the eyes of four Australian children. As the friends wait for the school bus, Anna begins to tell the tale of Heidi, daughter of the most hated man in history.

The play switches between 1940s Nazi Germany and contemporary Australia as one of the friends Mark, becomes engrossed in Anna's story. Could Heidi have stopped the atrocities of genocide, war and hate her father waged on the world during World War II? Would he have acted differently in her place? Heidi's story leads him to question his own identity and the world around him.

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curriculum connections: CLA, CVC, LB, RF, SS


WHEN: Friday, April 26, at 12 PM 
7 & up

Hailed as a Trio "packed with musicianship, joy, and surprise," PROJECT Trio is a passionate, high-energy chamber music ensemble comprised of three virtuosic composers/performers, flutist Greg Pattillo, cellist Eric Stephenson, and bassist Peter Seymour. Blending their classical training with an eclectic taste in musical styles, PROJECT Trio has made an impact on audiences of all ages. Of special note is the unique style of beatbox flute, performed by Greg Pattillo. It is a mix of traditional flute playing with the beats and rhythms of human beatboxing. Bass drum, cymbal, and snare sounds blend together seamlessly with the flute into a forceful, gritty sound capable of delivering the illusion of multiple performers playing at once.