Thursday, January 5, 2012


Nathan Skiles: The Clockmaker's Apprentice

WHEN: January 22 - March 25, 2012

For his exhibition at HAM, Skiles will create and install 100 objects, including cuckoo clocks and birdhouses, fabricated entirely from foam rubber. Installed throughout the first floor gallery, the sculptures will lead the viewer to question their first impressions about materials and how they can be used.  Skiles’s interest in the relationship between the creator and his object stems from a fascination with narratives such as Pinocchio and Frankenstein. As an added bonus, Skiles will respond to the unique architecture of the building, envisioning the gallery as a grotto, and utilizing hidden spaces to engage the viewer in a hide-and-seek activity.

February 5, 2012-June 3, 2012

There are things that exist in this world which can be easily broken into pieces; fragmented by the slightest touch. There are other things, which are built from the partnership of smaller parts and thereby fortified by their unique attachment to each other. However, even when their connection is strong, when viewed individually each piece appears as a fragmentation of the whole. Fragmented is an embodiment of repetition, detail and interconnectivity, and each of the four artists in the show takes a different approach to these concepts.

Elizabeth Gilfilen: No longer, no later
Gilfilen will install four large scale abstract paintings in the intimate space of the River Gallery. As reflected in the show’s title, the paintings share a sense of urgency, a result of Gilfilen’s style of creating art that reflects her openness to chance and accident. At the same time, she is uniquely interested in spatial complexity and layering which yield results that are anything but arbitrary.

WHERE: Hunterdon Art Museum, 7 Lower Center Street, Clinton, NJ 08809

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