Monday, February 28, 2011



Ruthless! The Musical
Book & Lyrics by Joal Paley; Music by Marvin Laird
Director: Tom Blewitt
Musical Director: Sue Chandler
Choreographer: Desiree Caro

WHEN: Sunday, March 6, @ 5:30 PM & Monday. March 7, @ 7 PM
(Girls auditioning for the role of Tina will be auditioned first.)

CALL-BACKS: Wednesday, March 9, 7–10 PM (if necessary)


PERFORMANCES: May 7—21, Friday & Saturday Evenings @ 8 PM (Sunday performances are at 2 PM)
Please note that everyone cast in this show MUST be available for every performance.

ABOUT THE SHOW: This is a very funny, fast-paced, and wickedly twisted musical comedy with 8 distinct female roles. There is no “ensemble”. With the exception of the non-singing role of Miss Block, all the characters have solo songs.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are looking to cast a male performer in the role of Sylvia St. Croix.
  • There is no dancing required for the initial audition, except for the role of Tina.
  • For the auditions, please bring sheet music in the appropriate key for one up-tempo musical theater standard, in the style of Gypsy, Mame, Hello, Dolly, Annie, etc. Please do not bring music from this show.
  • An audition pianist will be provided. No recorded accompaniment for the singing portion of the audition, please.
  • All auditioners should be prepared to do some cold reading from the script. A 1-2 minute contemporary monologue is welcome but not necessary.
  • Children auditioning for Tina should prepare a short tap combination, and bring taped accompaniment on a cassette or CD. We will have a boom box available.


  • b: an 8-year old “triple threat,” loaded with talent and manipulative to the core, she is sickeningly sweet but underneath is a remorseless psychopath. She will be required to tap quite proficiently and should have a strong belt. Ideally, we would like to cast someone between 8-12 years old, but would consider someone older. Range: F# below middle C to E one octave above middle C
  • Judy/Ginger: Tina’s mother, approximately 28-40, a simple June Cleaver-type housewife (with similarities to Ellen Greene in Little Shop of Horrors), who is transformed into Ginger, a Norma Desmond-type Broadway diva. Range: F below middle C to B Flat one octave above middle C
  • Sylvia St. Croix: The stereotypical “in-your-face” talent manager, who is obsessed with making Tina a star. For this role, we are looking to cast a man in drag. Range: A one octave below middle C to E above middle C (or a woman with Bea Arthur’s vocal quality)
  • Miss Thorn: A wannabe actress who had to settle for teaching 3rd grade, she is the director of the school play. Her integrity in casting is questionable. Range: E below middle C to B above middle C
  • Louise Lerman: The student who beats out Tina for the lead in the school play, she has limited talent and is larger than Tina. Range: Middle C to B Flat above middle C
  • Lita Encore: Judy’s adoptive mother, a theater critic with a poison pen who hates musicals. An Ethel Merman-type with a strong belt. Range: E below middle C to D one octave above middle C
  • Eve: Efficient personal assistant to Broadway star, Ginger. She wants Ginger’s life, and copies her every mannerism, May double as Louise. Range: F# below middle C to C above middle C
  • Miss Block: A reporter who wants to do a story about Ginger’s past. This is a non-singing role, and may be doubled with Miss Thorn.

Technical & Backstage Volunteers are also needed for this production. Please email the director Tom Blewitt at with any audition questions, concerns or to volunteer.

If you need to speak to a live person, call Dover Little Theatre 973.328.9202 and your call will be returned.