Friday, January 21, 2011


Come and be part of the audience to see rock and roll legend Manny Starr. Rumor has it he may retire after this performance, so come see him while you can!

People are wondering why Manny’s going out with a whimper by playing at Lucky Louz, a small club with financial difficulties. But according to Manny’s talent agent, I.R., “Why play Madison Square Garden when Lucky Louz has kick-a** acoustics and an all-you-can-eat buffet? And besides, it’s in Bloomfield, my hometown.”

(L-R: Laura Moskin as Fannie Natic, Sheldon Stone as Bjorn Louzer, Elizabeth Wessa as Justine Slutt,  On the T-Shirt and CD covers:  Martin Pfefferkorn as Manny Starr) 

Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven
An interactive comedy murder mystery
written and directed by Robin L. Watkins
where the audience plays detective, solves the crime
and wins a prize!
Piano’s Bar & Grill
36 Broad Street, Bloomfield
The FUN starts at 7 PM, Saturday, January 22, 2011
The evening consists of the murder mystery show, a delicious buffet dinner and a prize for the first sleuth to correctly crack the case.
All this for just $35 a person, tax and gratuity included.
If a Guest solves the crime, he or she wins a Gift Certificate for one admittance.